About Us

Three years ago we were introduced to Australian Miniature Multi-generational Labradoodles. We took one look and fell in Love!!! So the next year we went down to our friends and bought a white and brown parti female, named Zoey. Do you know how much one of these dogs cost???? Eight months ago we decided to buy a male, a beautiful red Zeeke, and he will be ready to breed by in a few months.

Sherry’s back ground is in education, She has worked in a school district for 27years as a Para-educator or an Instructional Assistant. That is working with children, helping them learn and complete all the necessary skills to move on in school, and finally graduate. Before that she was a nursing assistant. Sherry is now retired, and their plans is traveling some, and yes with all of our doodles.

One of our interests has been taking in International Students from Germany, Japan, China and Nigeria. Right now we have a student studying photography, media design and professional communication.

Ron has lived here, in Skagit Valley, all of his life. He worked in the school system as a custodian for 17 years, at Skagit County Senior Center and as a work release program supervisor. He was finally able to retire after putting 33 years into his pension.

Ron has two grown daughters and Sherry has two grown sons. Between the four kids they have 16 grandkids with 5 bonus grandkids. That’s our steps, and half’s. We had been talking about a retirement business for several years and decided that doodles would be right for us. What are Labradoodles anyway? These animals are companions, our children, and service dogs. They have the run of our house and our huge backyard. They eat only the best quality food, Life’s Abundance. We get this online and have it shipped directly to our house every month.

Our friends have helped us with so much information. We have been blessed with them as friends. She is a photographer, marketer, an artist, and a professional researcher, with I am sure many other titles behind her name. Her husband is a retired plumber, a body builder, friends with Ron for over 40 years and the ability to stay calm in any situation.

Zoey, has had her first litter, 2 female chocolates and 1 male, white and dark brown parti. They are gorgeous, fun, fast, busy and very healthy. With this being our first litter, our life is still busy with a new business, our grandkids and their sporting events, retiring and the 5 doodles we currently have.

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