Puppy Food

Life's Abundance, All Life Stages, Grain Free, Dry Dog Food is what we use. We choose to open feed our puppies from mama until about 6 weeks old, then 3 times a day (about 6:00 AM, 1:00 and then 6:00 PM.  At about 8-9 weeks we change to twice a day, about 7:00 and then at about 5PM. The amount to feed depends on each puppy based on age and weight.  There is a feeding guide on  each bag of Life's Abundance dog food. Some puppy’s teeth grow slower than others so we have put water on the food to make soft, but we change this out at every feeding. Life’s Abundance also has puppy food which we prefer and then change to the All Stages just before the puppy goes to your home. The amount stated on the package is divided up between two meals. Offering your puppy all he can eat for at least 30 minutes, then removing his/her food starts training him/her to know it's good to eat when the food is around.  Some families do prefer to open feed there puppy. (It is your choice to what type of food and how you feed you’re your puppy. This is just what we do.  Open feeding may challenge puppy training.

In all honesty, we have done some open feeding at Cascade Trail Doodles and it's typically been when we have pregnant mommies.  In addition, we do have some families that have open fed and have never seen any real issues with it.  We believe it's a matter of personal preference and how each family wants to raise their doodle. We see the value in deciding once you have your doodle and you see their natural tendencies.  Ultimately,we prefer to try everything and watch how my doodles respond.  There is value in both open feeding and feeding twice a day for a half of an hour.  If you need help deciding, please let us know. We would love to help you.  

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