Reserving a Puppy

We allow Reservation of puppies, and we know it's comforting for you to know you are in line for a puppy in advance. When this happens we will work with you only if you are sure you want a Cascade Trail Multigenerational Miniature Labradoodle puppy. If you want to reserve a puppy will put you on our list.


Please understand sometimes getting the right puppy for the right parents is important to us. It's a process that takes time and energy. I want a busy puppy to go to a family that has a busy lifestyle. I want a therapy puppy to go to someone needing help. A little defiant baby needs firm and continuous challenges and a little love bug to go to a family that will always give the puppy the attention needed. All of these puppies need almost constant attention so if you work who will take care of the puppy while you are at work? When every person is patient we get great puppy families.  This whole process can go easily even when the list becomes long.


If you would like to reserve a puppy before it is born, please understand the following before you commit.


We allow people to pick puppies in the order of our list and which deposits are received. We start calling customers that are on our list that have not given a deposit. There is an exception to this which would be that we are keeping a puppy from a particular litter. We don't force anyone to stick to a certain litter, gender, color, etc. We go strictly by date of deposit placed, and then anyone wanting to wait can skip to allow the next person in line to choose.

To get the 1st pick of the litter, your deposit will have to be received before the birth or immediately after the births. We are a new, small breeder so we will follow the list.

We have a 2 week time limit for choosing a puppy, because other people are behind you in line waiting to get to choose their puppies.

If choosing a puppy from the pictures online, choose sex of puppy and then colors, last temperament. We "try to" take pictures of the puppies around 2 to 4 days of age, and then about every week after that (approximately). 

When it is time to pick your puppy I will send you pictures of 1 or 2 puppies we have that I feel are a great match for your family. If you want to choose a different puppy from the pictures online, you will only be able to choose from the available. We also have people waiting to place deposits, so can't hold back puppy pictures for very long.  If someone holds the process up too long, we may have to skip you and/or refund your deposit so please pick puppy quickly. Sometimes we share photos ready for people to pick puppies. We want this process to happen without any complications, and hope everyone continues to work together.

Our guarantee applies for all of our puppies. If we find that a puppy has a fault or problem before it leaves our home, we will offer you a refund, or an exchange for another similar puppy, or a partial refund if you choose to keep your puppy with the problem.

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